We are currently accepting submissions for our Winter open reading period. 

Dates: January 1, 2020 to February 29, 2020. 

(We will accept submissions for the Adrienne Rich Award for Poetry in March and April.)

Note about open reading periods: We can accept 800 fee-free submissions per month. Once we've received 800 in any month of the open reading period, submissions will close until the beginning of the following month. If we reach 800 during the final month of the period (August), submissions will close until our next reading period. 

General Guidelines 

(Specific guidelines are available in each submission form.)

We seek unpublished poems or translations of poems not already available in English. 

We are open to a wide range of forms and styles in contemporary poetry. We are always watching for new poets, quickened language, and work that offers a fresh purchase on the political or social landscape. 

The editors read every poem that comes in over the transom. We respond to manuscripts we know aren't for us as soon as we've read them. The rest we circulate among the editorial board members and continue to winnow. At face-to-face, long-weekend-long meetings, we read aloud those poems in which we have strong interest and collaborate to choose an issue from among them.

If you submit translations, please also include the poems in their original language.

We are now willing to consider simultaneous submissions, but (given the time- and labor-intensive nature of our editorial process) we ask that you notify us immediately if a poem is accepted elsewhere. 

Before you send work, please familiarize yourself with the BPJ by buying a sample issue or browsing our website archive.

Limit your submission to five poems OR a single long poem. (Yes, we enjoy long poems!) 

We ask that you send no more than one manuscript during any submission period. Put no more than one poem on a page. 

We seek to emphasize the poems themselves, so we use no contributors' notes, but feel free to send us a note if you want to tell us something about yourself.

Please wait to query us until four months have passed.

And if you're not already a BPJ subscriber, please consider subscribing today, which you can do via an add-on payment (and at significant savings over regular prices) along with your fee-free submission. Subscriptions help support the magazine financially, but they also let us know that the work we're doing--and the work you're doing!--is important to readers. Thanks in advance for your support! 

The current reading period will run from January 1 to February 29. See our general guidelines before submitting. 

Beloit Poetry Journal